Announcing a new PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom

Hi folks!

It’s has been a while since last post!

It is RSNA 2010 time! and for that reason, I am glad to announce the release of stable version 1.0 of a new written-from-scratch PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom.

Get it while it is hot!

Bug report:

See ya!


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One Response to “Announcing a new PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom

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    Giot Jean-Philippe
    December 18th, 2010 02:25


    I found your DICOM package. I’m wondering if it’s possible to write images to a dicom file.

    for example, while a physician is take pictures of a patient (dermatology, scars, anything else, …) is it possible to write them to the dicom file, given extra informations (administratives…)

    thanks in advance,

    [Nano: That functionality is not ready yet, but is coming soon. Please expect something about it in the next weeks (reading and writing pixel properly from DICOM files).

    I will update the documentation as needed too.]

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