A new PHP Dicom Toolkit is available: Nanodicom Official Announcement. Or visit the official website Nanodicom.org

I have been developing an ePR (Electronic Patient Record) for Radiation Oncology at the research laboratory that I work (IPI Lab) . One of the tasks that I had to deal with was to have DICOM data automatically extracted. Since I like to work with php I found the php-DICOM package (technically called File_DICOM) at the PEAR website very helpful. It is a very nice piece of code that provides the elementary functionality to parse a DICOM file, which I certainly took advantage of. But due to the requirements for my project, I had to make some changes, thus I decided that it might be good to publish these changes so others like me will benefit from it. I have contacted the leader for this package and it looks that soon there will be a new release. Well, I’ll try to give more details next time.

Update: I have published the unofficial version of File_DICOM.php v0.3 here

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