How to connect to Mysql using SSH in Windows

Goal: Connect to MySQL server securely using SSH.

Instead of opening a port to connect directly, a SSH tunnel will be created first that will carry out all the communication securely between my laptop and remote server.

I have this setup:

  1. Laptop:
    • Windows 7.
    • SQLyog Community edition (version 8.18, I really like this version)
  2. Server:
    • Ubuntu
    • SSH enabled
    • MySQL server listening in localhost traditional 3306 port.

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Announcing a new PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom

Hi folks!

It’s has been a while since last post!

It is RSNA 2010 time! and for that reason, I am glad to announce the release of stable version 1.0 of a new written-from-scratch PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom.

Get it while it is hot!

Bug report:

See ya!


Nuevo Portal La Polla del Mundial Sudáfrica 2010.

Despues de un poco menos de 2 menos de arduo desarrollo y noctámbulas sesiones de codificación y testeo, puedo por fin lanzar oficialmente el nuevo portal de entretenimiento para juegos de fantasía LoteriaFutbol. Estamos lanzándolo con La Polla del Mundial Sudáfrica 2010.

Este portal esta destinado a proveer momentos de diversión para tí y tus amigos, familiares o compañeros de trabajo.

Sin más, los invito a que exploren el portal y me hagan saber cualquier duda o sugerencia.

Kohana 3: AUTH, A2 & ACL

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry a modified demo of Wouter’s ACL & A2 using the AUTH module. At that time I used Kohana 2.3.4.

Now, this entry is to explain was needs to be changed to use the AUTH module instead of the A1 module for the demo of Wouter for the Kohana 3 release. At the same time, it can help you to understand what needs to be changed if you want to provide your own authentication module. The original announcement of Wouter’s module can be find at this Kohana forum discussion.

Keep reading for the explanation
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Kohana[v2.3]: AUTH, A2 & ACL

I have been using Kohana recently for a project I am working on. This project requires user registration and authentication, thus I found that there is a set of modules from Wouter that were created specifically for that. A thread in the Kohana Forum can be found here.

Those modules are:
A1: A simple & safe Authentication Library
ACL: Zend_ACL completely rewritten & improved for Kohana use.
A2: Object level authorization library

Even thought those modules work fine with each other, the first module, A1, can be easily replaced by any other module that provides the authentication, like the AUTH module from Kohana itself, and I will guess that maybe OpenID might do the trick here.

But in this post what I want to share is a modified version of the nice demo provided by Wouter on how to use those modules. My demo makes use of the AUTH module for authentication. So, let’s go to the explanation.
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Real NAT on Windows XP

Follow these steps to have your Windows XP to work as a NAT but without the restrictions of ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

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New home for this package

Hi all,

I will like to share with you that this project is going to be hosted at Google code. I have got the permission from one of the original authors and he agreed with it. I hope we can bring this package to a more serious level fixing bugs, adding new functionality and improving some performance issues. I haven’t had time to put the latest code in there, but as soon as I do it I will give an update in here.


File_DICOM.php update

It’s been a while since I wrote something about this package. Gathering some statistics I found that there were about 12 downloads of the package in less than 3 months. Not so bad for me. But well, as every software development, it needs to be updated in order to fix bugs and to add some more functionality. And now is the time.

I will like to mention something about the page that I have placed for testing the package, for sure that page has more hits than the package downloads, and I do appreciate all the people who has taken the time to use it. But that page also needs some refinements. I will post the updates directly in there, but basically they are related to have the page do the parsing first and then put links to the images from the DICOM file and about the privacy of the contents of the uploaded files. In general I have noticed that the package works fairly well on parsing DICOM files (with one exception that created a huge error log) but it is not yet well suited for converting DICOM image data into image object.

Also, I just added the module for zip files on my server. Even though the functionality was already in place it was not working because the module was not enabled on my php.

Well, that’s it for the moment, I should be having a minor release soon.

The unofficial File_DICOM.php v 0.3

This is an updated version of the latest DICOM_php package available at the File_DICOM::Pear website. Last year I contacted David who is in charge of this package at, we had some emails exchanged but I haven’t seen any new release there; thus, I make this new unofficial version public so people can take advantage of the changes I made.
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A new PHP Dicom Toolkit is available: Nanodicom Official Announcement. Or visit the official website

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