File_DICOM.php update

It’s been a while since I wrote something about this package. Gathering some statistics I found that there were about 12 downloads of the package in less than 3 months. Not so bad for me. But well, as every software development, it needs to be updated in order to fix bugs and to add some more functionality. And now is the time.

I will like to mention something about the page that I have placed for testing the package, for sure that page has more hits than the package downloads, and I do appreciate all the people who has taken the time to use it. But that page also needs some refinements. I will post the updates directly in there, but basically they are related to have the page do the parsing first and then put links to the images from the DICOM file and about the privacy of the contents of the uploaded files. In general I have noticed that the package works fairly well on parsing DICOM files (with one exception that created a huge error log) but it is not yet well suited for converting DICOM image data into image object.

Also, I just added the module for zip files on my server. Even though the functionality was already in place it was not working because the module was not enabled on my php.

Well, that’s it for the moment, I should be having a minor release soon.

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