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Hi all,

I will like to share with you that this project is going to be hosted at Google code. I have got the permission from one of the original authors and he agreed with it. I hope we can bring this package to a more serious level fixing bugs, adding new functionality and improving some performance issues. I haven’t had time to put the latest code in there, but as soon as I do it I will give an update in here.


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    May 28th, 2010 03:14


    I just stumbled across your site.. First: Thanks for your effort on the file-dicom improvements.
    Just wondered if the google-project will be filled with life soon?
    So far I can see no downloads, repositories or hint of activity?



    [Nano says: yeah! It has been a while and nothing has happened for this project, however, I have created a new toolkit called nanodicom. Check it out!]

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