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Announcing a new PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom

Hi folks! It’s has been a while since last post! It is RSNA 2010 time! and for that reason, I am glad to announce the release of stable version 1.0 of a new written-from-scratch PHP DICOM toolkit: Nanodicom. Get it while it is hot! Website: Download: Bug report: See ya! Nano.

New home for this package

Hi all, I will like to share with you that this project is going to be hosted at Google code. I have got the permission from one of the original authors and he agreed with it. I hope we can bring this package to a more serious level fixing bugs, adding new functionality and improving […]

File_DICOM.php update

It’s been a while since I wrote something about this package. Gathering some statistics I found that there were about 12 downloads of the package in less than 3 months. Not so bad for me. But well, as every software development, it needs to be updated in order to fix bugs and to add some […]

The unofficial File_DICOM.php v 0.3

This is an updated version of the latest DICOM_php package available at the File_DICOM::Pear website. Last year I contacted David who is in charge of this package at, we had some emails exchanged but I haven’t seen any new release there; thus, I make this new unofficial version public so people can take advantage […]


Update A new PHP Dicom Toolkit is available: Nanodicom Official Announcement. Or visit the official website